Privacy Policy

Policy Statement

Under, UK data protection requirements, individuals have a right to be informed about how wr as a business use any personal data.

Galaxy Mobiles consett will ensure that they will respect and protect confidentiality following the law within the General data protection regulation(GDPR), which came into effect on the 25th May 2018 and replaces the data protection act 1998.


Galaxy Mobiles consett

*Ensure all records are kept securely.

* Will follow the 6 key privacy principles of the GDPR which are

1. Have a lawful reason to collect personal data and do it in a fair and transparent way.

2. Only use the data for the reason it is obtained.

3. Will not collect any more data than is needed.

4. The data will be accurate, and will be kept up to date

5. That it will not be kept any more than is needed.

6. That they will protect the personal data

* Once record/ files no longer need to be retained/stored documents will be disposed of appropriately.

* Galaxy Mobiles is Registered with the Information commissioner’s office (ICO) for data protection and have customer permission for the taking of photos, and the keeping of data. We will delete any stored pictures on my mobile or computer once used for work/contract details. we will not publish any photographs on any social networking sites or online without prior permission.

* Galaxy Mobiles understand that if information/data has been breached that we must inform the ICO within 72 hours of becomilig aware of the breach.

Why do we need to collect personal data?

The purpose of collecting and processing data is to help with the running of the business, and to enable provide yourselves with the best service. Cctv we are using for health and safety of our employes prevent the crime . We cover all our shop stock with cctv for case of theft from criminals.

What data is collected?

  • Personal information such as name, address, email and phone numbers.
  • Contract information if applicable
  • Photo id (when you sold any electronic items such as mobile phones and tablets)

Storing Personal data

  • All information will be stored securely and disposed of appropriately once no longer needed For example, paper files will be shredded, and all electronic files will be deleted.

Sharing information

  • Information will not be shared with a third party without your consent, no photographs of work undertaken will be put on any social media sites or websites without prior permission.

Accessing your personal data

Custorners have a right to see/ask what information we hold on file and to request access to this information, if you do ask the data protection officer will

  • Give you a description of the information on hold.
  • Explain why we are holding it
  • Give you a copy of the inforrnation if required.

Other rights regarding personal data

Under data protection laws, individuals have certain rights as to how their information is used and kept safe, you have the right to;

  • Object to the use of your personal data
  • Have inaccurate data removed


We at (insert company name) take any complaints about the collection and storage of personal data seriously, if you think that our use of personal data is unfair, misleading or inappropriate you can raise this with ourselves in the first instance, or alternately you can make a complaint to the Information commissioners office (ICO)

  • Raise or report a concern,
  • Call 0303 121 1113 Or it to the ICO at, Information commissioner’s office, Wycliff House, Water lane, Wilmslow,Cheshire,SK9 5AF
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